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Tissue Mechanics Laboratory

Hierachical analysis and microstructural characterisation for tissue theranostics and regenerative medicine

October 2015

•   Prof. William Parnell (University of Manchester) visited Tissue Mechanics Lab for 5 days.

•   Tissue Mechanics Lab had two days training session on Hysitron Nanoindentation system funded by IMPEE small equipment grant.

•   New PhD candidate, Antonio Candito, joined the group from Bologna. Welcome, Antonio!

September 2015

•   Our group co-organised the 2015 BSSM (British Society of Strain Measurement) conference at Heriot-Watt.

•   Tissue Mechanics Lab had two days training session on Hysitron Nanoindentation system funded by IMPEE small equipment grant.

July 2015

•   Group presented our research at WCSMO-11.

•   Tissue Mechanics Laboratory hosted Engineering Headstart Event (for groups of 15-16 yo pupils). 

•   Group members (Javier, Ben, Jessica, Swati and Frank) presented their research at the 2015 IMPEE conferences. 

May 2015

•   Group presented our research at POEMS workshop (UCL) and Physics of Life workshop (Bristol).

April 2015

•   Five UG project students presented their research at annual Mech Eng project presentation days.

March 2015

•   Cogratulations to Judith on passing the first year viva. Well done, Judith.

January 2015

•   New PhD candidate, Ms Jessica Barkhuisen, joined the group. Welcome, Jess!

December 2014

•   Javier Palacio and Ben Esfandiar presented their research at PMPM workshop.

October 2014

•   Javier Palacio presented his research on modelling prostate mechanics at CMBBE 2014.

•   Group member attended the EPSRC Engineering Grand Challenges Workshop in Edinburgh. 

September 2014

•   Dr. Enrico Dall'Ara from University of Sheffield visited our lab and gave an invited seminar at EPS.

•   Congratulations to Ben Esfandiar who won 'the best Poster award' at EPS PRG Conference 2014!


June 2014

•    Congratulations to Javier Palacio who won 'the best presentation award' at IMPEE ECR Conference 2014!


•    Group members (Solenn Le Pense, Behnam Esfandiar, Frank Yntema and Javier Palacio) gave talks in IMPEE ECR Conference

•    Judith Abolle presented her research in World Forum of Young Scientists, Baku, Azerbaijan


May 2014

•    Congratulations to Judith Abolle, who has been invited to attend World Forum of Young Scientists in Baku, Azerbaijan!

March 2014

•    Congratulations to Graeme Churchill who won 'best presentation prize' at Mechanical Engineering Presentation Day!

January 2014

•    Dr. Pankaj Pankaj from University of Edinburgh visited us and gave an invited seminar at EPS

•    Welcome Dr. Solenn Le Pense to our group!

•    Welcome PhD candidate Behnam Esfandiar to our group!

December 2013

•    Javier Palacio presented his recent work on prostate mechanics and diagnostics at MOBT2013

November 2013

•    Dr. Chen gave an invited seminar at School of Life Science, HWU

•    Dr. Chen was invited to attend 'International Symposium at Frontier Research Institute' and gave an invited seminar at School of Engineering, Osaka University

•    Our research and recently funded project were highlighted in the university newsletter.

September 2013

•     Prof. Peter Hoskins visited us and gave an invited seminar at EPS

•    Congratulations to Javier Palacio who won 'the best poster award' at EPS Poster Competition 2013!


August 2013

•    Welcome research students (Akmyrat MyradovNikhil Singh, Graeme Churchill, Martin George, Bartlomiej Kornacki) to our group!

June 2013

•    Welcome PhD candidate Frank Yntema to our group!

February 2013

•    Welcome PhD candidate Javier Palacio to our group!

January 2013

•     Prof. Damien Lacroix visited us and gave an invited seminar at EPS

•    Welcome undergraduate Varun Varadharajan to our group!

October 2012

•   One international PhD studentship available (updated)

•    PhD scholarship available for UK/EU Students

September 2012

•    Dr. Chen was invited to visit Prof. Juergen Siepmann and INSERM 1008 in Lille, France

•    Welcome undergraduates Giovanni Pesare and Kayleigh Rix to our group!

•    Dr. Chen participated in the EPSRC Math-in-Healthcare Sandpit

June 2012

•    Another full PhD studentship available (EPSRC project)

•   One full PhD studentship available

March 2012

•   Two PhD tuition-waivers available now!  (updated)