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Tissue Mechanics Laboratory

Hierachical analysis and microstructural characterisation for tissue theranostics and regenerative medicine


New PhD scholarships available for 2017!

•    James Watt Scholarship 2016

•    Fees-only PhD scholarship


To Apply

If you are interested in joining our group, please send a) a short statement (to know you briefly); b) a CV with publications and research experience and c) any other documents if relevant, to y.chen AT


The ideal postdoc candidate should have strong experience in one or more of the following areas: computational mechanics (FEA/CFD), structural optimisation, microstructural analysis, mathematical modeling in biomedical systems. Prior experience in programming in one or more of the following languages is a plus: Fortran, Matlab, Python, C++, APDL etc. A PhD degree (or nearly-finished) in mechanical engineering, material science and biomedical engineering or other related fields is desired.

PhD and MPhil students

If you are highly-motivated and interested in my research projects, feel free to send an email with the documents listed above. Potential topics include all areas of research mentioned in our Research page. Funded Phd studentships will be shown on the top of this page when available.

Undergraduate students

I always like to have dedicated and self-motivated undergraduate students to work with us for various research projects. Currently several project proposals are available for 3rd, 4th year and 5th year students. Please feel free to contact me for more details.